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Thread: Flight cases for flying with firearms

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    Flight cases for flying with firearms

    How much protection do you need. Do I go for just one of the slimmer cases with just eggbox foam either side or do I go for the larger / heavier ones on the Plano all weather / peli case style. I am wanting some baggage handler proof but don't want something too cumbersome. Do I go for one of these

    or more of this style

    i am not going for a full length rifle case, rather one that's a bit shorter to take a rifle that's broken down or stock removed.

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    I would go as robust as you can, they get abused!!! How gutted would you be to arrive at your destination to find a broken scope or similar...!
    If you change your mind on the full length case I have a really good SKB case sitting here doing nothing (been for sale in the classified section for a while)
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    I have a light steel case I took with me to the USA a couple of years ago. It stood up really well to baggage-handlers abuse. It's lockable, too. The foam's cut out to take my A-Bolt, but if you're within striking distance of Blairgowrie, and it's any use to you you're more than welcome to borrow it and save yourself the expense of a new one?

    I'll put up a picture or two tomorrow. It's currently residing under our bed, and I don't imagine the Fragrant One will take kindly to being tipped out at this time of night
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    get a Peli Storm case... truly airline proof... not much else really is for more than one or 2 trips!

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    As Richard pointed out, mine is still for sale at a bargain.

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    In my work I use a lot of Peli cases and flight cases. I personally believe that for firearms and their associated bit and bobs Peli cases are over engineered, excessively heavy and take up too much volume and so are not, generally, a good choice. Yes they are robust but the downsides outweigh any gain in protection especially if you fly or travel quite often and so have time to get fed up with lugging the thing around.

    I use a custom built flight case for my Blaser. It was designed to a weight so the case with rifle, scope, bipod, sling, moderator etc. all come in under the 12kg that Easyjet a give you as extra baggage allowance when you book a firearm. The case is also compact, this may not seem like an issue until and your mates try to fit your Peli cases into a small hire car, and it was specifically designed to look "unimportant" and if anyone asks I tell them I have my bagpipes in it :-)

    I'm quite lucky in that I work in a world of flightcases of one sort or another and so I had a friend build this one for me but you may be able to find a good builder of flight cases who could do a really good custom job for you, local music stores or musicians may be able to put you in touch with someone.

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    Attachment 76469Attachment 76470Attachment 76471I totally agree with the above ref 'over engineering' they come into their own when dropped from Hercs or Chinooks !
    I have one and won't get rid of it 'Just in Case' but have settled for the normal plastic/fibre/hardboard type case and had a padded canvas case made for the case to go into.
    As has been said, much less 'Gun Orientated' when travelling through airports.
    See attached.

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    Agreed, the Peli is very robust, but i have seen at first hand how rifle cases are treated by baggage handlers, and i wouldn't trust any other case, except maybe the custom case above, but it looks pretty expensive to me, how much was it?
    You only have to be at Bozeman airport in Montana 2 days before rifle opener, there is a steep ramp, the handlers 'launch' the rifle cases down this ramp and they all crash into each other with some force, it makes you cringe!
    So i don't take the chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    get a Peli Storm case... truly airline proof... not much else really is for more than one or 2 trips!
    agree with thisClick image for larger version. 

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