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Thread: barking dogs

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    barking dogs

    its been a bad two weeks for me our pheasants are / were dying, rifle was playing up now ive got home from work and a woman from the council has been around say they have had a complaint about my dogs barking .im seriously p***ed off as my dogs only bark when someone is in the garden knockeing at door etc which is how i like it keeps scumbags away. my dogs carnt see anyone out the front of the house as i have high hedges but they can see into neighboors gardens but a,re used to them and dont bark at them id imagine they bark once a day at the postman for maybe thirty seconds and once a month for five mins at the window cleaner the milk man comes at night and they dont bark when im home ive spoke to all the neighbours that the dogs can see in three houses one way and one house the other way all of them like the dogs and have no problem two out of the four are dog owners, but we have on old bag next door but two who comlains about everthing and nothing the problem is there is nothing i can do about the dogs barking when someone comes to the house and to tell the truth i dont want to stop them as it may be once a day for 30 seconds i dont think this is unresnable has anyone had similar problem as the woman from the council has said that i have to stop the dogs barking even though if she bothered her lazy arse to speak to my imediet neighbours they would all back me up i have to weeks before she comes back after talking to the miserbal git who has complained to see if ive resoved the problem all this after ive had the dogs in the same kennel for eight year without a complaint

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    They would have to monitor the noise level etc, if its after 7am and before 11pm I am not sure what they can do, as you say its not constant. You will have to make sure your kennel and run is up to scratch though as this might be something that they may winge about!

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    It may be different legislation in England than on my side of the border but an ASBO was issued against a cockerel in Selkirk a year or so ago! I'm serious and it made the news channels and press. It was in the town but even so as its a market town you would think it would be accepted as authentic!

    I would also have a word with your milkman. Your milk is not fresh if he's arriving during the night.

    Just trying to cheer you up

    Deer man is correct, noise levels have to be monitored just as if the disturbance was coming from a juke box in a pub or a noisy house party and neighbours complained. It can be dealt with at the time if they call the police who would ask the offender to either turn off or down. If refused, the equipment can be seized and if entry is denied the door goes in! Again, this is in Scotland. As for an occasional bark from a dog......

    What I would check is perhaps the missives for your house. A friend of mine thought he may have had problems from neighbours after he realised that the 3 he had in a kennel was 2 over that permitted according to this paper work.

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    it a nighmare the woman i suspect of complaing has complained about everthing you can imagine she was putting bags of sh** on my neighbours door step acusing her of her dog doing it on her garden the police around the works the copper opened one of the bags and it was cat crap she moans about parking ive never or nor has anyone else had a problem parking i think the only solution is to instal a audio cctv unit out back by the kennel and record the barking for a couple of weeks and give it to the busy body council woman who has nowt better to do its amazzing ive had the same neighbours for 8 year and nor one complaint then all of a sudden this and parking problems plus the neighbours had a bbq last week end durnnig the day dinnertime and had a radio on and the old witch whined about that . all our milkmen come at tea time around here theyre all tired gets carnt want to try for a glimse of a few milfs in there nighties as for how many dogs we can have thats ok only got the two cockers in a big enough run for 6 or eight dogs so they carnt say owt there its even got its own mains sewrage drain not that there is ever any dog muck in it

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    Ive been there, warning of a ASBO I had it stuck through the letter box I phoned the council and spoke with the guy, he said he had seen the dog barking , I told him the only way the dogs bark is if you come around the house in to the back door, he said he was on the street and had a witness to prove that .

    My old neighbors have CCTV I asked them to check, she told me she heard the dogs barking, went to see what the problem was an there were to guys standing in the back door, the dogs were blowing a fuse at them 5 springers , I called him back and asked him again ,by this time I had done my home work on who was who found out the guy was a ex cop ,I asked him again where he was when the dogs were barking, he said the street I told him I was phoning his boss about his attitude and lies, that I had the CCTV proof of his lies, I also had the terms and conditions of there job description ,he backed down rather quickly there after , he told me that he had went into the back garden for a look and the dogs went nuts.

    I said if i had went into his back garden what would he have done , point taken the ASBO had been recorded by this time, but I had all the details of who called it in that was enough it was a neighbor that I had helped repeatedly just goes to show it doesn't matter, how much you help some people , I still help him yet .

    But I told him that I knew ,he was rather shocked to say the least , that I was still willing to help him out, he retired a few weeks after that had five weeks and had a stroke , Carma at its best .

    The barking dogs thing next to music noise is the biggest cause of people getting ASBOs in Scotland sad but true .

    Theres more than one way to skin a cat just bide your time .

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    You'll have to tread carefully if its a rented council house. You really don't want that can of worms being opened as they have max animal numbers and then they may check whether you can or can't possess firearms on their property. Increasingly more authorities are refusing firearms being possessed in their properties.

    Don't convince yourself that its the old bag. The neighbour who smiles to your face and swears blind it's not them may well be the complainant - maybe out of spite or maybe just because they don't wish a confrontation.

    However, if you own the home then i would write a firm letter detailing that they dogs are not a nuisance and rarely bark unless provoked. Don't add that you want them to bark! Ask your neighbours to countersign the letter, but don't get huffy or loud if they refuse then keep a copy before sending it registered delivery. If i owned the house, was secure that my dogs weren't a noise pest and that my neighbours weren't the complainant then i'd politely but firmly tell him to **** off and that your next step would be seeking legal representation. Make it clear that you'll fight it all the way, and it'll be a long and expensive fight for them. If you can't afford that then find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau.

    Incidentally, he should arrange a visit to your home at your convenience; not his. Arrange for a witness to be in attendance. A calm and trustworthy witness; not your mouthy mate who thinks he knows it all. Get a dictaphone and before any discussions begin with a fresh tape announcing the date, time, location and identifying all persons present before inviting them to identy themselves vocally....he'll soon realise you're not going to be bullied or pushed around and that he'll have abide by current legislation.

    I'd refraim from any telephone converations with him, instead demand written communications which is your right and which you can keep incase you do end up in court. If you must chat on the phone then immediately diclare that you are recording the conversation and do so.

    Make sure that your rear garden is firmly locked and secure. You don't want him or others getting free access whilst you're not there. He should not be entering your property without your consent.

    Don't be friendly and volunteer nothing. Be polite but answer only what has been asked with as little extra info as possible. Treat each and every communication as an oppertunity to collect your evidence and to tie his proceedures down further.

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    If you own the property tell the council to go forth and multiply. They cannot stop your dogs barking and neither can you without resorting to some form of cruelty to the animal (ref. RSPCA) whether that be electric collars or water spray 'antibark' collars. Obviously you could train them not to bark should you wish

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    If you own the property tell the council to go forth and multiply. They cannot stop your dogs barking and neither can you without resorting to some form of cruelty to the animal (ref. RSPCA) whether that be electric collars or water spray 'antibark' collars. Obviously you could train them not to bark should you wish
    Oh no you cannot the council will have the dogs removed by the rspca, if you look at noise nuisance you'll find that they can remove the source if required to stop the noise .

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    I too have been on the receiving end of the barking complaint,
    fortunately for me i was looking after my mates lab for 5 days and the fxxker never stopped.
    i proved this to the environmental agent that came and they said they would monitor for two weeks and get back to me.

    be under no illusion the dogs can and will be removed if they are found to be a nuisance and time is of no consequence.
    comply with the request and appease the council.
    there is an anti bark device which i have seen, i will find it and post it. think it runs on batteries.
    also log yourself when and why the dogs bark.
    if at dark o clock you will need to go out and stop them or you may loose them.


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    Had the same. There are rules about the length of time and frequency, they look at it over a 4 hours. If like mine they bark infrequently I wouldn't be too bothered.
    I had the claim that at 7pm the dogs would bark for half an hour, which is complete rubbish because as soon as I got in I would let the dogs in after at most 30 seconds. These people will lie to get their point across. We have dogs bark all around us but they single us out. Like yours if people are near the house knocking on doors etc they will bark, but that is what they are supposed to do.
    Don't worry about the letters they will keep sending them and until they get the monitors in should it be a problem.
    I can imagine the neighbours are being a bit flambouyant with the truth.

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