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Thread: Equipment for moving target practice

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    Equipment for moving target practice

    Does anyone know of equipment suppliers for portable moving targets, such as in the opening sequence here:

    If you freeze the vid 2 seconds in (0.02) you can see that it looks homespun rather than something fancy costing '000s
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    a few pulleys and a load of rope,plus target,hand powered,the old lads nr me used to use a battery an old starter motor with a wheel attached to drag rabbit skins for training whippets/greyhounds ,ps before someone pipes up the pulleys could run at ninety deg so whoever is behind the shooter and safe at all times,
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    Running target on a angled wire was used by the bds for a while
    basic and only goes one way but still effective

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    Hi I use balloons with a spoon full of flour with a bit of wind the bump along nicely along the ground and when hit the give a good result

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    I did a thing on an indoor range for a "crossing tank" target using, as they did, five shot bolt action .22RF rifles.

    We strung a wire between two fixed posts. On which we had put two ring eyes screwed into a block of wood on which we put the tank target. We then tied a piece of string to the front of the wood and ran it to one of the fixed posts. Thence like AD FOX says through a ring eye it made a ninety degree turn to the firing point.

    The operator who started level with the firing point then walked back, walking away from the firer, pulling the string at the desired speed and so the tank moved.

    As others said you can use an old knackered bicycle frame with the rear wheel with the tyre removed as a winder. Then you can really get up some speed for boar and etc.. For tanks though the manuals mandated a "walking pace".

    Hope it helps.

    If you can't use metal then plastic pipes screwed to wooded sleepers make good "rails" for a target running on a trolley along the ground. And are the cheapest "fix". Make the wheels of wood like an "H" section so the flanges as on a train keep the thing inside the plastic rails but the top of the wheel rides along the top.

    But again a well fixed post with a ring eye so as to make that important ninety degree turn to place the operator safely behind the firer.

    I used to shoot Advancing Man at Bisley with a pistol like this. I still have my forth place Prize Certificate for the very last time it was allowed in Autumn 1996 using a Smith & Wesson revolver before the Tory handgun ban.
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    We built one years ago for moving targets for pistol ukpsa comp at 25mt it was a washing machine motor and a set gears from a push bike to turn a bike wheel that had rubber insert so a wire could pull a set of targets across the range at speeds , Cost around 50

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    Very good ideas. I will try and produce something and if I have any success, will post the results here.

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    A tyre with a bit of ply wood inside role it down a slope and there you go
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    and still growing.....

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