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Thread: Just had the police turn up while I was shooting

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    Just had the police turn up while I was shooting

    I took a mate of mine out today to have a play with the air rifle on one of my shoots. I had my .22lr and he was carrying the airgun. We walked around for some time and then decided to climb up on some silage bales because I had a couple of ricochets and decided the ground was just too baked to shoot as I normally would.

    We'd been up there for about ten minutes when a policeman walked across the field. Already my brain was assuming the worst as I'd left my wallet at home (no ID) and my FAC is in for variation so didn't have that either. He seemed pretty cheerful so I relaxed a bit, but then he ruined it for me completely! "hi, how you doing" I said as he walked over. "not bad thanks lads, yourselves" was his reply. At this point I'm feeling fairly happy that he's just coming over for a chat so not too tense at all. "So what brings you all the way out here then?" I asked. "Well we've had a report that someone's been shooting at the trains" he said! "Oh great" I said, "and there was me thinking I was going to have a nice relaxing evening! Who told you that?"

    Well after a pause that felt like an eternity he smiled and said "just kidding, I don't suppose you've seen any kids on a mini moto come this way have you?" Well **** me! Since when have coppers had a sense of humour? All I can say is he had me there, we were sat right next to the railway line and I was just picturing me and my mate getting carted off to the nick accused of all sorts of terrible things and this guy obviously just felt like having a bit of a laugh at our expense! In the end I went home with nothing having a good chuckle to myself, but at that moment I just wanted to curl up and die. He didn't even ask for my FAC, just wanted to know how we were getting on?!

    If we have any police officers on here, make a mental note on this one chaps..... You're not funny, not even slightly. My life has just been considerably shortened by the stress your colleague put me through for that brief moment! Lets just stick to being poker faced and to the point shall we? I can cope with that!

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    that made me chuckle buddy

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    i was getting tense reading that, made me laugh tho

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    I'm just glad it was you, and not me


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    Who's a lucky boy then?

    My FAC has been in for one for one variations for just over two months now and they are being stupid about it as per usual. So I won't go shooting without my FAC. Cannot book any stalking as I won't travel with a gun with out it. if something should a happen accident routine stop and they found a firearm with no licence no matter the the licensing office says it's OK. I don't believe them. You would be arrested banged up in a cell and your home raided. Simples.

    Am nearly out of .22 L/R so cannot shoot the bunnies out back amongst our new trees but cannot get any more............. no licence. Missed the Pheonix show, will miss the one on the 10th at Bisley then she the Licensing officer says I don't shoot enough??????????????? daft cow you still got my licence!

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    Well speaking as an ex-copper, i'd say you were just tested and passed. He basically accused you of something an idiot causing mischief may do and rather than act evasive or furtive, you stood your ground by demanding to know who made the accussation. I'm willing to bet there wasn't any kids with motos either - that was his way of backing off without you feeling that he's walked over to check you out, which he had.

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    Lots and lots of years ago when we still had a village bobby who knew everybody I was on the pavement on my way round to a neighbours farm to shoot bunnies. Spotted one in his field, leaned over hedge, shot said bunny and was just about to climb over and get it when hand descended on shoulder. He had done the super silent bicycle approach from behind. "Nice shot John" says he "although you do realise you shouldn't be shooting from the public highway don't you?" While I was working out a suitable excuse he said "Well off you go and get it then"
    On returning with rabbit, he quickly grabs it and hangs it on his handlebars. "Right, you won't do that again will you" he said and off he went. He was an excellent guy but he did have 11 kids to feed

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    Our village Policeman was a keen stalker and allround shooting man, He was always around when I was growing up. When I got my first stalkers job he gave me a roesack, which, as it turns out, was made by Poppins who has just reconditioned it after 20 years! He still drops in to see my Mother and leaves the odd shooting magazine for me. Its blokes like this who who should be getting OBE's. JC

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    Cyber. That sounds exactly how my father speaks of the village bobby when he was a lad. In some ways I wish they had that much freedom to do as they see fit these days as I'm sure it would make their lives easier!

    Brit. You should get out and shoot buddy. You can be pretty sure that your house isn't going to get raided, they know the score! You may just possibly have your gun confiscated and there's a very small chance you'll end up back at the station but if that happened to me I wouldn't be all that bothered. Just go along with it and keep it friendly and you'll likely be back out in an hour or so and pick your guns up after the FEO has been in touch. I'd just see that as a minor snag. So you waste a couple of hours of your free time, so what? It's better than not getting out shooting for months!

    I was really pleasantly surprised by the experience. If all my encounters with the police go this way I'll be more than happy (although for a second I was quite a bit less than happy)!

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    Brithunter - I've been nabbed without my FAC or any ID, all it took was a quick call to the station with a description of me and the firearm and I was on my way. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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