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Thread: God bless the Germans.

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    God bless the Germans.

    Well while waiting tonight for a cub I saw going into a rape field the other morning, i had just about given up.
    It was almost dark and I could no longer make out the many rabbits running around with my naked eye, when a movement caught my attention in the hedge line.
    Swinging onto it with my Zeiss FL's I quickly made out it was an OTTER never seen one on the shoot before and he cleared the field in no time holding his tail high like a rat.
    I then scanned back to where he had come from, another I thought to my self but then could clearly see those triangle ears sticking up.
    I got my Zeiss rangefinder and to my amazement could still see him 198yds.
    It would have to come out and give me a broadside as I didn't fancy a head shot at that time of night at that range.
    I waited and waited till eventually it walked away from the hedge.
    Holding the crosshairs of the scmidt on its back (the rifle was zeroed with privi 139sp's an inch high at 100m's) (the scope was set on X8), I released the round "smack" came back the reply. The time 10.37p.m. and it was now very dark.
    I walked down the hedge and picked up the cub, a perfect lung shot.
    10 minutes later I was back at the car with the fox and got a snap.
    I can honestly say German optics ARE worth every penny. But you all knew that anyway.
    Photo to follow when I upload it tomorrow.

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    Great footie team too!!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gliballs View Post
    Great footie team too!!
    wouldn't know mate never follow the footie was it them that knocked us out??

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    So what did you range it at "without" the technology.........


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    It was very dark but I would have guessed 175-180.

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    Wouldn't have been my first choice of gun and calibre/bullet.
    My 6.5x55 finlite with privi 139's SP zeroed at 140m's but had been getting a zero fixed with the mod on and its what ihad with me.
    Luckily its fitted with a 3-12X50 schmidt.

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    John, please tell me you were drinving an Audi As I read it I thought you were asking us to proof read something for the Sporting Rifle, what with all the product placement and all

    (guys I am JOKING)

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    Have to say I am a fan of all things German - except the blody food. Sauer and Blaser, Schmidt and Swaro (I know Austrian, but they are Krauts too..) GSP's, Meindl boots, I could go on. I only ever drove a VW or an Audi until this past few years. Have a Disco just now, but I think I will flip it for an Audi or BM estate car.

    If you are going to make something, do it right the first time.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Took my other Sako tonight (FINNISH)22250. but fitted with a Zeiss 3-12X56 varipoint.
    had 2 more cubs at 10.02+10.08p.m.

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    Sorry about the quality of this one left the camera on the coffee table this was off my well used phone.

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