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Thread: Leather lined wellies for stalking

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    Leather lined wellies for stalking

    Has anyone used leather lined wellies for stalking? Wondered if the leather would offer some ankle support like boots while the welly kept water out.

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    That's not what the leather in them is there for, it's for its moisture managemt and comfort, not support, it's only a thin layer of leather, nothing structural. I love my leather lined boots but if I want ankle support I would always go for my lace up high ankle boots.
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    Thanks for that, will have to carry on trying to keep my boots dry!

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    I use the Toggi or Kudu Neoprene lined wellies - they are quite stiff and give reasonable ankle support. OK they are not as good as proper boots, but much better than normal wellies. I have walked many miles in mine including using on the Scottish Hill in winter time when it is really wet.

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    Try a pair of Yeti Gaiters they will keep your boots dry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Try a pair of Yeti Gaiters they will keep your boots dry.
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    a decent pair of reasonably stiff leather walking boots fitted with Yeti Gaiters will see you through condtions that the welly is designed for, as well as giving the support that wellies - even 300 wellies - don't.

    i was up in southern Snowdonia on Saturday, i walked about 18 miles or so, traversed foot deep snow on the 800m+tops, waded through two knee deep rivers and sank into innumerable bogs, but my Yeti's kept my boots, and feet and legs, dry.

    Haix Cold Wet Weather boots, 55 on ebay for new or nearly new.

    Yeti Gaiters, 25 on ebay for used but good condition.

    could you get wellies you could wear over that terrain for 80? no, i think not...

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    Muck boots are pretty good at giving some ankle support. But wellies in that respect are always going to come second to "proper" boots.

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