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Thread: HATSAN ESCORT Magnum 7+1 FAC Shotgun Excellent Condition

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    HATSAN ESCORT Magnum 7+1 FAC Shotgun Excellent Condition

    Time to move the Hatsan to make some room in the cabinet. (Nothing to do with the fact I can't hit a barn door at 5 paces and everything has scarpered by the time I've let a shot off)

    My little used (genuinely), FAC rated Section 1 Hatsan Escort Magnum Semi-Auto shotgun.

    Owned from new and comes with all the original documentation, 7+1 extension tube and spring, all 5 chokes, stock extension spacers & comb adjustment shims. It has always been religiously stripped and cleaned after every outing and subsequently has never jammed despite the various negative press.

    Please take a look at the high-res photos to see its condition. I'm happy to take more photos and answer any questions is requested.

    280 - Will only sell face to face with appropriate FAC slot or RFD to RFD at buyers cost. Happy to travel reasonable distance to assist the sale.

    This really is a fantastic opportunity to buy an 'As New' Sec. 1 shotty.

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    Wrong time of year :-( I'd have it if you could wait until after Xmas/ New Year.

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