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Thread: What would be a realistic price

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    What would be a realistic price

    Hi Guys

    I am not shooting anywhere near as much as I used to and wonder if the time has come to sell all the reloading gear and wonder what you think would be a realistic price for it as a single lot.

    2 Bonanza C0-Ax presses
    RCBS 5-0-5 Powder Scale
    RCBS Powder Thrower and Stand
    RCBS .308 Dies
    RCBS .223 Dies
    RCBS Bullet Puller Die with .223 and .308 collets
    RCBS Vibratory Case Cleaner
    RCBS Electronic Powder Dispenser & Scale
    Forster Classic Case Trimmer
    RCBBS Deburring tool
    RCBS Media seperator
    RCBS Lube Pad
    4 Loading blocks.


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    100 sounds about right. Tell me how you would like paid............,..

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    Well, it's all good "name" kit AND thanks to the Brexit vote the has declined against the $ making this stuff more expensive now than when you bought it.

    I'd look at Hannam's for the cost of the Bonanza Co-Ax as it's now a Fortster and Midway UK aka Brownell's for the price of the RCBS stuff or any other UK importer of it. There's nothing in your list that is quality kit.

    Then punt it at something 40% to 45% under that to make it a tempting price and accept that you may have to split stuff rather than as a job lot.

    You could also look on our own Classifieds to see what the same kit sold for. If it sold on a reply it's too cheap...if it's still for sale too expensive.
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    100 sounds about right. Tell me how you would like paid............,.
    Are you RED DOT in disguise?

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    Having had to sell my shooting partners shooting related bits & pieces, it always helps if you have the part numbers, it helps you find the current retail price for stuff then go from there. it also helps more from a buyer if things are boxed in original packaging. You'd be surprised at the money you have invested in that bundle.

    It will also help you and the buyer if you can scale the condition of the equipment, nothing worse than buying something for it to turn up scrabble and medium to poor condition. On that note, I've never sold anything or owned anything to that matter that is shabby or poorly looked after.

    Pricing individually then totalling up the job lot for a discount may shift the lot, but as stated, you'll have more success selling individually.


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    You have a pm

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    Would be interested in a coax press
    Pm me with a price if you will sell separately

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    I think you will struggle to sell it all as a job lot and you will most likely get more for it individually. Which on that note if you did split I would be interested in one of the presses. Your potentially not that far away either.

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    If you split it up I would be interested in the Forster Classic Case Trimmer

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