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Thread: Soft points and handloads

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    Soft points and handloads

    So I get a phone cal from the Firearms Licensing Officers deputy this morning. No you cannot have the replacement .270 rifle as you have not brought enough ammunition over the last year. So I point out that I hand load, "yes but you have not brought any heads" points out again there is no such thing as a bullet head and no I have not brought any recently as I brought a large quantity when Howitzer closed up. " how many was that?" Ohh about 2800. They're not on your Surrey certificate! .................

    Nope they won't be. This was before they had to be entered onto the certificate. So they send an FEO to count how many 0.277" bullets I have in stock, how much ammunition in .270. He never once asked about Non expanding and we all know your not allowed to use expanding for general practice. Only zeroing on ranges. Or mentioned the fact that yes I have four .270 rifles but am only allowed to shoot one of them!

    He even asked about the reciept Hmmmm let's see how many of you keep receipts for reloading components for more than 10 years? Oh then he says you have four .270 rifles already ....................... errr yes. Well you cannot have another one we have been through this on the phone then on the variation and again with the enquirey officer . One of them has quite a worn bore so it's being re-barreled into .280. I asked for them to change the calibre on this rifle from .270 to .280. Put it on a temp permit so I can take it the the smiths and leave it wit him for the work then lick it up as a .280................................. simples. But no so on Saturday I take the barreled action to the smiths to leave with him. the I have to fill in another form for another one for one wiat god knows how many months with no licence again whilst they think about this one and they wonde why Lincolnshire Police ahd a finance problem Couldn't be because they waste man hours ad money on stupidity like this could it?

    One for one variation no increase in weapons as they put it yet over two months and three FEO visits

    So to you relaoders/handloaders................................... careful as they might try this one on you as well. Not using enough ammunition. Then they wonder why I don't trust them you can tell when they lie ........................................... their lips move.

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    Isn't Britain great!

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    Not so good at all, at all.

    Dry Powder.


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    Its just getting total stupid, hope it sorts itself out for you good luck,

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    Phone call this morning from the FEO, seems that the numbers have pacified them somewhat. What that means I have no idea butt he chances of seeing my certificate back to make the show on the 10th is about zilch to zero. God only knows what next years renewal will be like

    Oh I didn't mention the three milsurp ammo boxes in storage on here. these were what I used to have in stock before She decided that I didn't need them. Amongst them are two 100 bricks of Kynoch ammunition, one in 30-30 the other in 7.92mm but she says I can only have 10 rounds of any calibre collectable ammunition even though I had a collectors condition on my licence for years. Further to that as she has decreed that I can only shoot a few of my rifles the rest are for collection purpose only. There is no need to have any ammunition for those that cannot be shot and those I can shoot she had reduced the ammo holdings so that I was in illegal possession of ammunition and component bullets. so the hard to get stuff like 6.5x53R, 6.5x54MS ( as she listed it as a 6.5x55 instead of just 6.5mm as it was) 7.92mm sporting ammunition the couple of boxes of factory Norma 9.3x57mm and the extra 303 military MkV and all the 8mm bullets have to go into storage or as she suggested I surrender it for destruction . Perhaps it will explain why I don't trust them any further than I can throw this house.

    Due to it's scarcity at times I had over 2400 rounds of 303 in stock includign a couple of boxes of Kynoch 215grain RN soft pint bullets for reloading. I have five .303 rifles now but then I had seven of them.

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    Brit: just a suggestion but why don't you try for an RFD? You seem to do a good deal of work on rifles so something along the lines of: 'restoration, repair, load development and test firing of rifles and shotguns' should cover it? As long as the RFD wasn't overly restrictive on numbers that might make a difference? Or, you could take it all down in writing and appeal the hell out of it.

    Sounds like you're having a horrible time though. Don't know why they should be concerned about legitimate collectors or what difference it makes if the rifles are shot or not.

    My sympathies sir.

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    The American solution: Shrink wrap your excess ammo. Dig a hole. Bury it. Forget it until you need it.~Muir

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    I would go down the RFD road. You do have a lot of ammo and the police alarm bells must be ringing.

    I am not suggesting you are anything but an upstanding memeber of society, but I do bet you would tick a few boxes on a phycological profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaitsev View Post
    Brit: just a suggestion but why don't you try for an RFD?
    Probably because they would then try and hammer him for not carrying out a business, lack of transactions etc. And anyway, why should he? The Firearms Act covers collectors of firearms - including those who wish to shoot their collection from time to time - and in other areas of the country they have very little problem in pursuing their interest. It appears that Lincs police are the problem, not Brithunter.

    Are you a member of the HBSA? Might they not help?

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