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Thread: Neck tension problems

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    Neck tension problems

    OK, so I am full length resizing, once fired (not by me) Federal 25-06 cases.

    the dies are LEE.

    out of 100 cases 32 are so loose that the bullet nearly falls into the case. I have tried again to no avail and have tried with the decapping rod removed to see if that did anything but there is no difference.

    Am I looking at Federal Brass being rubbish? I know lee dies are cheap before anyone starts on that one, but the other 68 cases are fine.

    thanks for any ideas.

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    Is there a difference in the thickness of the brass in the necks of useable and the slack cases?

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    Good question! I will check. I only have a vernier caliper available but will see what I have.

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    Nothing too obvious there, there were a few slack cases with a slightly thinner wall thickness but only 1 or 2 thou, but the bullets are very loose so I don't think that is it.

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    Dunno. I was just thinking that, as the neck-sizing happens by the neck being squished in from the outside by the die and then opened up by the expander in the central pin, if the brass of the neck is too thin the reduction of the external diameter might not result in a sufficient reduction of the internal diameter.
    There'll be a point where a thou or two makes such a difference, I imagine.

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    You did check it was the case mouths and not the bullets which were awry?

    It wasn't the last 32 cases of the batch?...Have you stripped and cleaned the die recently? There is not a build of lubricant on the centre pin causing it to open up the mouth too much?

    If not, then the brass thickness does sound most likely.
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    It's not the bullets. I have not loaded all the cases yet and have offered up the same bullet to most of the cases and have sidelined the loose ones. I have taken the dies apart and have run both good and bad cases through again to no avail.
    i honestly do not know how old the brass is.

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    Brass work hardens and refuses to remain sized after a while. Same LOT of brass?? IF so, find someone who anneals brass on the next go round and have all the cases cleaned and annealed before reloading.~Muir

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    Could be hardened brass.
    Measure necks before and after sizing and you'll get a sense of what is (or isn't) happening.

    I'm not overly familiar with Lee dies but could they do with a clean and lube?

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