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Thread: Best peli case for ammo?

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    Best peli case for ammo?

    Can anyone suggest which size of peli case is best suited to taking ammo to Africa? I'm conscious that .375 ammo boxes area little bit larger than smaller calibers. Also: How many rounds do people expect to travel with?
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    Peli 1150

    Can carry 60-80 rounds...that is more than you'll need unless you are going culling for a month

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    I took 60 rounds Andy. Way more than I needed but better to have too many incase of a rifle drop and re-zero etc, plus to get more ammo will be a long drive if you need any more.

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    Peli 2200 I can get my camera and spare lens in it also. I always take 40 rounds.

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    i had a peli im2050 and this year switched to a im2100 because you can fit other stuff inside.

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    Is the expectation that the ammo case goes in your hold suitcase I presume?
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    They are starting to look dimly on that now. UK customs are pushing for ammo to go separately from the checked luggage. Just been out and it is the first time they have insisted on this.
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    Used to be in hold increasingly its separate....hence a good lockable case!

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    I bought a wee ex army ammo tin and got a boy to weld a bit on it for a padlock. I do know lads who just used cash boxes. Now, indeed, that was in the days of all the ammo going in our hold bags - which mine did in October with Emirates going to Zim. I doubt if I've fired 20 rounds on any trip to Africa - even on the culls. They were 13 animals each right enough and I added three trophies on top. 16 plus 2 at the target. Hmmm. A bit tight. I must have had two rifles then. So old I forget!
    The questions is, at what point do they tell you that it needs to be checked separately? Bloody pointless if you get to check in - even exceptionally early as I'm sure all the shooters do - and they say no to going in bag. Then you are well stuffed.

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