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Thread: IOR Turret reset

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    IOR Turret reset

    I have an IOR 6-24x50 with a 35mm tube.
    Does anyone know how to reset the turrets back to zero once the scope and rifle have been zeroed. I can't seem to find anything on my the Internet. The only thing is for the newer Valdado scope which has different turrets.

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    There are videos on YouTube but it is very easy. There are three small grub screws towards the top of the turret. If you undo these you can then screw the outside back down to the zero marks and then tighten the screws.

    If you put in IOR scopes to YouTube it's one of the first to come up. Look for the Richard Uttings videos.


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    hope that link works

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    Hi. Thanks for that big ears but they are the newer turrets. Mine are slightly different. They don't have the Allen screws on the lower indicator band.

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    Give optics warehouse a ring they will be able to help you.


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    Hi are they the older type turrets with two Allen keys on top if they are pm me your number and I will give you call and tell you how to do it.
    rgds Paul

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