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Thread: Shotgun fit

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    Shotgun fit

    Can anyone tell me what is the diference between barrel length and length of pull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTF View Post
    Can anyone tell me what is the diference between barrel length and length of pull?

    Barrel length is the length of the barrels. Length of pull is the measurement from the buttplate to the trigger.

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    Barrel length is just that, the length of the barrels. Length of pull is the measurement from the trigger to the middle of the butt of the gun.

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    sorry chaps must be Sunday stupid here, I should have said stock length and length of pull

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    Not much. Length of pull is probably what stock length commonly refers to. But the stock also has measurements to the heel and toe (top and bottom, not necessarily in that order) of the butt.

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    I am still confused, not hard to do, but length of pull makes sense but shotguns seem to be generally sold with 'length of stock' as the only dimension and I am trying to establish whether or not this is longer than length of pull to give me some idea about the suitability of a gun.

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    If no other point is referred to I'd assume stock length means length of pull
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    They are different.

    Stock length is the length of the piece of wood that is fitted to the rear of the action. Thus on a British military SMLE or No4 that is from twelve and a bit inches to thirteen inches. Marked S for short, nothing at all for standard length, L for long. So you might say to the storeman I want a long stock. He'd say that he couldn't read the markings on the ones he had got so you'd tell him you wanted a thirteen inch one.

    Then fitted to the rifle that would give a length of pull from just under fourteen inches to just over fourteen inches. So using my SMLE or No4 example (and I'll stand correction on the actual measurements) a twelve and a quarter inch stock length would give a thirteen and a half inch length of pull, a twelve and a half inch length stock a fourteen inch length of pull.

    So what's the difference between length of stock and length of pull? On a British SMLE or No4 about an inch and a half...or so.

    Length of stock is an incorrect but common enough way to refer to what is in fact length of pull. I'm guilty of it myself refering to needing a fifteen and three quarter inch stock on a (shot) gun. It saves two words if you say "stock" instead of "length of pull" but it's lazy and it's incorrect.

    And to confuse the matter "normal" reference is front of front trigger to middle of rear of butt (or buttplate) but for shot gun fit there are also two other lengths of pull needed.

    Length of Pull from trigger to "toe" of stock and length of pull to "heel" of stock. This affects the "stand out" of the gun as it is called and usually is 1/4" more to toe and 1/8" more to heel. But it can vary although I forget the reason for a need to have a different as in lesser or greater "stand out" on a gun.
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    Many thanks Enfield spares and everyone else

    Just looking at SMLE photos and comparing to shotgun and I can see why the length of pull in the rifle is longer than the stock but in the shotgun vis versa
    So a shotgun with a 14.5 inch stock may have a shorter length of pull as the relationship between the trigger position and the action


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