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Thread: Lock cable recommendations

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    Lock cable recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a locking security cable for my guns that I can use in my car. Ideally 30/50cm long. Riding motorbikes I'm well aware that chains and locks differ hugely but if anyone could put shed some light for me would be most appreciated.

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    Well in truth they are all pretty crap, and only as strong as the part of the car it is affixed to. Lastly if the car gets stolen so does the gun. I think if you can a safe bolted to the floor of the vehicle is better.

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    The cobra cable locks are great as you can put them through the action. Remember that you must take the bolt and all ammo with you plus if you have one the magazine is a good idea. If you can pass the cable round a solid part of the frame this is even better. I use to go round the baulkhead frame in my landie.

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    There did used to be a gunslip with a hole in it, deliberately made that way, for a securicord to pass through. But I forget the make. gun slip search found it...
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    I use a thin no cut bike cable lock the one with the coating so as not to damage anything in the car or rifle , placed though the mag well up out of the bolt hole then though a no cut chain to the back seats good pad locks they still fit inside the gun aim bags happy happy.
    as a foot note my ranger had a rifle box fitted in the buck but unless you are happy to do this in a small motor and its just fitted out for shooting then ??, if the car get nicked it won't matter if its welded to the roof they still have your rifle
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    Tbh if the car gets nicked thats one thing and well you cant grumble about that.

    Will have a look at the recommendations thankfully I have a VW Taoureg and theres a nice part of the frame I can bolt onto in the boot quite comfortable. Long term I want a proper gun draw system but well my local gun shop sold me a totally new and un needed shotgun on Sat that I wholly hadn't budgeted for. *******s I hate it when they do that haha.

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    Take the bolt out, lock in glovebox

    small D lock through Action, Kryptonite cable round loop of d lock round whatever piece of car is most secure


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    I use a fairly hefty cable lock I bought from a bike shop. Diameter of the male part of the lock is a bit smaller than the diameter of my rifle bolt, so with the bolt removed the cable just passes through the action. It's long enough that the rifle can be in it's slip, done up, with the two ends of the cable protruding. I lock it around a fixed tie-down point in the vehicle.

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