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Thread: Never again again

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    Never again again

    Out this morning minus 8 DEGREES I thought I would leave the dog in case the pup she was kenneled with had a howling session . I got out the pick up and started to walk towards the hill ,very crunchy under foot after about an hour of walking and spying I spotted a buck and a doe at the bottom of a hill ,a long slow stalk until I got within about 120 yds a lean against a tree waited a while until the doe turned broadside then shot she jumped forward about six feet and dropped . Good sized healthy doe gralloched plenty fat then the long carry back to the vehicle. Out of puff I then had a coffee from my flask and felt I made the right desision to leave the dog . I made one last check on one of the estate farms when I was waved down by a tractor driver who told me he saw a deer with a front leg spinning all over the place as it ran out the field , I got the location and of I went sure enough I spotted 3 deer at the end of the field but they all looked ok ,then I spotted a doe lying at the base of a tree not running of with the others, then up she pops and sure enough there was the front left leg spinning like an aircraft propeller. Then of it went at a fair rate I instantly regretted not bringing the dog. I tried to follow on to se if she would lie up but no luck,I couldn't find a single drop of blood despite following the doe for 30 mins it was then I made the decision to go home and get the dog. Thankfully the estate is only 6 miles fro home I returned with the dog and hunted for 3 hours until dark I saw a few other deer but not the one I wanted, A long very hard cold day it never got above minus 4 degrees and it looks like I will be out all day tomorrow with one difference I will have my dog with me Lesson learnt ?.

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    Well done on going back to look for it.

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    That's unfortunate but they can run for miles on three legs so maybe the dog wouldn't have helped. Good effort on going back though.

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    Three legged deer run for miles and leave little or no blood either. One of the hardest tracking issues to my mind is a low leg shot deer. Chances of coming up on it are not good even with a good dog. And there is every chance it will be off the ground as well. On the up side it is not unusual to see a deer recovered after loosing a leg, I have shot a number over the years which have recovered, especially this time of year when the chance of fly strike is minimal.

    However well done for coming back with the dog to look.
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