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Thread: Couple of Moderators

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    Couple of Moderators

    I have a couple of mods that have been at an RFD for some time so thought I just as well see if they are any use to anyone else,

    first is T8 Mod in excellent condition probably done a 100 rounds in its life, threaded 5/8 th UNF and is for up to .25 cal I will ship this to an RFD for 80

    second mod is a MAE or PES muzzle can in black excellent condition threaded 14x1 and is the all stainless version I was after 100 to your RFD for this one.

    Usal moderator rules apply with these I have some pictures of these if anyone wants them, they can also be collected from West Country Guns if that suits.

    Advertised elewhere

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    can you measure the bore size on the muzzle can please? (drill bit is the easiest way)

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    I would Ed but it's at the gunshop can ring them tomorrow if that's any help? Forgot to say it was stamped on the end .26-.30 so I guess it will take up to 30 cal?

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    Bump, 70 for the T8 to your RFD and 90 for the pes/MAE

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    Would this suit a heavy barrel?

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    Both could be fitted to a heavy barrel. The MAE is muzzle mounted so would not matter how big your barrel is! And I think the T8 will accommodate a 25mm barrel

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a .22 rimfire Moderator


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    Sorry these are both centrefire mods

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    Hi I'm interested in the MAE or PES muzzle moderator is it still for sale?

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