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Thread: Browning invector chokes

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    Browning invector chokes

    Hi all, looking for a set of the above please. Sensible money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rimmie View Post
    Still looking
    I've an unused set of invector plus, if that's any use.

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    Thank you, but has to be invector.

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    Which ones are you looking for - I have some at 15 each?

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    Rimmie, what I do with all my multi-choke guns is take the manufacturers chokes & put them on a shelf in the garage & then buy 3/8ths & 5/8ths Teague chokes, fit them & use 2 cartridges, one a tight patterning one & another wide patterning one & I never need to worry about chokes & can take 98% of shots presented to me on the clay or game field.

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