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Thread: Reproof a barbour ?

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    Reproof a barbour ?

    Is it easy to reproof an old barbour jacket ? does the new coat of wax hide the lighter green areas ?
    Or for 30 send it back to barbour to get it done ? do they do a good job ?

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    Send it back to Barbour if its only 30, the wax is about 10 so for 20 let them do it properly
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    Absolutely agree, I have done the DIY option and the Barbour option.....never will i DIY again. The Barbour after sales was great

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Send it back to Barbour if its only 30, the wax is about 10 so for 20 let them do it properly
    Yeah, think it's a no brainer

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    I'm with DK.260 100 pct send it back. Never again.

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    Send it back. Your house will never be the same again if you go the diy route

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    I am surprised Barbour only charge 30...does that include the shipping both ways?

    I do mine once or twice a season. Pot of wax on the Rayburn so it is virtually liquid. Rub well into the seams. Go over with the hair drier set to stun, and rub in any thick bits to even it all out.

    Barbour won't get any more wax in by spraying it on...and I guess it depends if you can be without the coat for however long it takes them to turn it around.

    DIY waxing takes and hour of an evening, including putting a sheet or two of newspaper down on the kitchen table and tidying up....It would probably take one an hour to parcel it up and send it off to Barbour...


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    Always used to cook ours in an old drier cabinet, one of those plug in moveable jobs with the wooden hanging rods inside.
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    Sheet of cardboard , a hairdryer, pot of wax , old rags & a bowl boiling water sit tin of wax in .
    Heat jacket with hair dryer run melted wax in , all over , wipe excess off .
    But for 30 lot less mess !

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    Keep it for dry days & get a proper coat!

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