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Thread: .270

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    Hi I am looking for a secondhand .270 I have just come across a Sako 75 stainless synthetic with a t8 moderator anyone got a rough idea on value and what they are like
    I was also looking at a new tikka or a used browning A - bolt all stainless synthetic

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    The 75 is a cracking rifle, better than the Tikka and A bolt. As its secondhand see if you can try before you buy. As for value, no idea

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    Guy said its had under 500 rounds

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    Not sure of the value but i prefer to have a 270 with a 24 inch barrel on it. they are a little more comfortable to shoot but 22.5 inch is my absolute minimum i have used a 270w all over the world my 270 is now on its 3rd barrel that is my preference others may differ but if you go short you might as well get something lighter on the recoil and muzzle blast/flip

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    Is there any difference between tikka and Sako barrels

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    Have a look at the Browning X bolt. Stainless fluted and pre threaded for similar money to a standard T3. love mine

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    one on Guntrader if that helps put a value on (but knock a hunk off if buying privately)

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    Excellent rifle, I had one for a couple of years, mags are expensive but the whole rifle oozes quality.Price I would expect to pay 800 ish.

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    I have a S/S 75 .270 and T8 a good combo, 800 is a good price if you can get both

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    Does the t8 tame the kick from the .270

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