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Thread: Query for insurance specialists

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    Query for insurance specialists

    Going through paperwork & checking what's ok what's not etc

    Got life cover , got critical illness cover
    But would like to have unemployment / redundancy cover

    A lot of the " regular " insurance companies don't seem to provide this

    Any advice or pointers where to look ?

    For a good policy


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    Try Eastlake & Beachell in Leicester. When all the mainstream brokers couldn't they sourced unoccupied premises cover for my son's house.

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    You should manage to get cover from someone who works with a Lloyds underwriter, they will specialise in bespoke risk packages. Not sure where to find one though, but hope this points you in the right direction. Regards, Dave

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    I would be v v careful when taking out redundancy/unemployement cover and get a legal eagle to combe the small print because if there is a slightest chance of a claim you can bet your last dollar that it wont pay up as I found out to my cost many years ago. More than happy to take your premiums but not so good at paying a claim.

    Be warned.


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    As above. Not worth the paper it's printed on in most cases. I'm speaking from experience
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    I have never taken out unemployment insurance because a) it's not cheap and b) there are often wriggle-out clauses. Also, often it doesn't kick in for several months, and quite often by then it's too late. I've always just taken my chances and, so far, that has worked out.
    A number of my colleagues have taken out the insurance and all, to a man, have used Legal and General.
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