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Thread: Mega Muntjack - No Knob!

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    Mega Muntjac - No Knob!


    I thought you might all find this interesting. I shot this cracking muntjac buck this evening. Went to gralloch him and noticed that he had balls but no cock!

    There didn't seem to be any scarring or trauma so I can only assume that it was congenital. Has anyone else ever seen anything similar? Would a buck like this hold does/territory and would that reduce reproduction in the area?

    I can imagine the poor bugger being a bit frustrated. As a big lad, I assume he'll have attracted the ladies and fought-off rivals but then wouldn't have been able to seal the deal! The .308 will have come as a blessed relief! :-)

    Genuinely interested in everyone's comments and thoughts.
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    He doesnt look like hes been fighting much. Def a weird one

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    Was there a piss pipe? Also where was the bladder as I split the pelvic bone to make more room to get it out.

    Nice head as well.......

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    I'm guessing you haven't shot too many muntjac or are maybe more used to fallow?
    You can clearly see the piss pipe under the skin which ends in the swirly hair 3-4 inches in front of it. That's it! They are not particularly well endowed, but it is a perfectly normal Muntjac Buck.

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    There was a piss pipe but no opening for urine to exit. Bladder seemed normal and full - I was in a bit of a rush so didn't quite get to the end of it but my assumption is that his urine came our the back-end somewhere.

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    That's really interesting. I do shoot quite a few muntjac (20 or so a year) and have never noticed to total absence of a penis before. That said, I'm really interested in your point - definitely different from all the bucks I've shot before but maybe within a "normal" range ....?

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    It is prety cold at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasey View Post
    It is prety cold at the moment
    Love it!! :-)

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