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Thread: Hampshire Constabulary HAD Training

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    Hampshire Constabulary HAD Training

    It was nice to get an email to confirm a pass on the recent Humane Animal Dispatch Training Course...........the Course was a good catch up on our duties and safety on the roadside etc,I have attended ,like my colleagues,very many callouts either Police or RSPCA and all asked different things from my skillbase.I certainly feel that my previous Emergency Service experience has been a bonus as I had attended hundreds of incidents in that role and knew the dangers of road related incidents.Don,t quite understand why some HADs decided that they didn,t need this valuable and free update. Well Done ,Hampshire Constabulary,especially Lou Hubble,and Jamie Cordery/ Deer Initiative and Glyn Ingram/BDS ..

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    Certainly got the impression on the course that this course is the ONLY route to becoming a HAD at least in Hampshire...if you are selected...I think Thames Valley have the same criteria..those that pay a commercial provider in the hope of "qualifying" in HAD may be disappointed IMHO

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    this new police run course in conjunction with the DI and BDS was a very good one and I have said for some time that he police input is what has been lacking in all the other providers, as has been said I can't believe some people refused to do this course,
    TV are now setting up there courses which are the same one.

    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    I do mine in April, i understood that if you don't do the course you can no longer carry on as a HAD, but why wouldn't you want to do it, it,s free, hopefuully interesting and another feather in your cap. I have been a HAD for 8 or 9 years now and was pleased when Lou told me about this new course they had developed.

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    I'm in Hampshire and would be happy to assist with HAD if required - I see it as a necessary part of deer management and part of our duty to ensure that any deer which are hurt in an RTA are dispatched humanely.

    How does one register for the course?

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