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Thread: 51 plate Diesel shogun electrical problem

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    51 plate Diesel shogun electrical problem

    Good morning fellow stalkers. Anyone know about shogun electrical problems. My shooting friend is pulling out what little grey hair he has left. He took his shogun to garage to get problem fixed (various dash lights with icons displayed come on), but he loses use of indicators. Said garage fixed it, or so he thought, last Wednesday he picked me up to go out on a foray (Geese!), then it happened again, we did however manage to get there and back without any other issue.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated


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    Always hard to find the problem with things such as these, however just to give you your mate something to try which given some of my own experiences may help go round all lights/bulbs indicators brake ect check for corrosion of contacts bad earth/connection/ fuses/relays very hard to be definitive and I am no expert but have managed with most all my own mechanic work over the years seems as you mention like some correlation between the indicator and dash function and this may be worth a try bud.

    ps also if fitted check any towing connections.

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    Good morning Damian (dlz90), many thanks for the tip, I shall contact my friend forthwith & give him you very helpful suggestion, once again many thanks


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    Spend a while on here and you will no doubt get your answer

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    Good morning tedsalad, (Iam sure there is a legitimate expalnation for your SD name!). Many thanks for your input, I have downloaded some information which may help my friend, once again many thnaks


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