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Thread: Barnes TTSX .270 110gr

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    Barnes TTSX .270 110gr

    Anyone using these, loading 130gr version in .270 WSM, it's a long bullet (as solid copper bullets tend to be) and it strikes me there is a lot of the bullet encroaching into the case. The throat on my rifle is short so I can't push it out any further, crimping at the top of the first groove gives 50 thou off the lands, don't want to go any further as pressure signs already showing quite early in load development. Thought about trying the 110gr in the future, any experiences appreciated.

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    I've got some 110 TSX's loaded for my .270 Win. I'm getting good accuracy at about 3300fps with Ramshot Hunter and loaded quite short at 3.24" OAL.

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    Thanks, have you tried these on Red deer?

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    I haven't unfortunately. I normally use GS Custom 110gr copper bullets which have been very effective on the 3 Red and Sika I've shot with them so far.

    NigelM has had good results with the 120gr TTSX's out of his 280AI, I think.
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    I use the 110 gr. TTTX in a .270 Win also. Catastrophic for the mule deer and antelope that I shot with it. I'm sure it would work on a red, but I would go with a 130 gr. for them. Why risk it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sako308 View Post
    Aand it strikes me there is a lot of the bullet encroaching into the case.
    doesn't matter!

    pressure comes from powder expanding violently when ignited not bullets squashing powder

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    Sorry I wasn't trying to imply that I thought the pressures were elevated because I was squashing the powder, only that pressure would increase further if I seated the bullet any closer to the rifling. I appreciate it doesn't really matter if the bullet projects into the case, unless you were wanting to increase the charge and there wasn't room due to lack of space. Anyway the question was what the 110gr TTSX bullet is like on deer if I were to try it. Not getting amazing accuracy with this bullet so far.

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    We used them for while, factory loads. They were accurate and I found them ok on deer but the guys who shot more red than me didn't like them very much. Lacked the knock down of other rounds.

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    Thanks, was thinking they might be a bit light for larger beasts.

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    I can get hold of some 130gr Nosler Partitions, might try those. Should be able to get a bit more velocity out of these without the pressure issues of the Barnes bullets.

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