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Thread: Buyer beware

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    Buyer beware

    I recently bought a Zeiss V8 from a member on this forum(not you Paul O,wish I had gone for yours) and the description of "as new" and "immaculate",were unfortunately inaccurate. The 2 small scratches on the tube obviously won't effect the function of the scope,but if I'd been aware of this,I would've looked elsewhere,so feel a little cheated.

    This isn't so much a warning about anyone in particular,but there is a trust between forum members,which isn't always born out. So,when buying,always request photos from all angles and if possible,agree on a refund if the description doesn't match up.

    Ive sold a few riflescopes on this forum and have always tried to describe them as accurately as possible and would always give a refund if the buyer was not happy and expected the same.

    Rant over and Admin,feel free to move or delete as appropriate. Cheers

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    Like you, I have sold lots on here and have always been totally honest with my description.
    If anything the items I sell would often be in better condition than I have described.
    I just wish others were as honest, there's nothing worse than receiving something and being disappointed in it.
    The 36mm mounts I sold you would have been mint as described.

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    They were indeed mate,many thanks.

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    Glad it was't my one and why i like F2F send it for a service see if they will coat it for you mty

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    That's an idea,Paul. I'm sending it off to have a windage turret fitted,so could ask them what they can do. Cheers

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    you could have had all you needed without sending it off good luck mty they will sort it I feel

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    I had a close one on that scope then. I was after another 35 mag model V8 but needed one with a ZM rail. It was indeed advertised as immaculate. I tend to err on the safe side when advertising by over emphasing any issues. As Paul says f to f is better but not always practical, especially if you live in the Shetlands !!!

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    He must have a boat and a pair of ores then sure it will get sorted .

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    HI Woodlander what do you shoot in Shetland with such a scope ? peerie puffins or peerie ponies or muckle seals
    ATB Tommy

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    Noo den,Tommy,aa o dem dat de mentioned are protected,du kens.
    I stick to headshooting rabbits at 500yards and Greylags,but mostly targets out on the hill. Being able to dial for wind is most useful up here,as you probably know.

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