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Thread: Wild Boar Best Practice

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    Wild Boar Best Practice

    Dear all,

    At last the Wild Boar Best Practice website is up and running! The website and best practice guides can be found at:

    Best wishes


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    Thank's for that David.

    I'm sure we can take it that the 'advice' in the shooting section regarding calibres, conditions and obtaining authority, will now be seized on by firearms licensing departments as being requirements in law!

    Has 'any other lawful quarry' been generally ignored despite ACPO's advice and the lack of problems in Scotland?

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    It may be a little dumb of me but what is the Deer Initiative doing dealing with boar?
    I would have expected a new organisation to be formed to match a new situation in the UK.
    Just my ten pennys worth.
    But at least it is a start.
    Had a quick look at the site, the downloads seem a bit thin on info to me.
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    Are they really recommending that AAA shot is used on boar. Unbelievable
    Couldn't see the bit about wounded boar.

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    Well I have dropped them once only with no 2s while on a goose shooting foray and we had run out of slugs because so many came out at us, it does bowl them over though.
    We got 12 boars 300kg worth from a reed bed half the size of a football field, exciting fifteen minutes that was.
    Found them in the reeds by using the US gamefinder gadget that I had with me at the time.
    I think the boar site needs to be regularly updated or get a forum as we have here for info exchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    I think the boar site needs to be regularly updated or get a forum as we have here for info exchange.
    Martin, are you aware of how long it took DEFRA to reach any kind of decision regarding wild boar in the UK? I think there would be little chance of them taking any notice of those with practical experience - unless that's meant to be the Deer Initiative.

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    I suppose you are right, the sites better than nothing though. It should get the dialogue going I hope, as lamping seems to be the favoured method in the UK at the moment. Allthough I have no practical experience yet of the UK scene as 120-150 pounds an outing is over my retirement budget and I can get all the boar hunting I can use here in bavaria due to the farm damage they cause.

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    Heres a photo of a UK boar shot with AAA's, obviously the range was too great but the muppet holding the shotgun thought different.

    I shot this boar with a 30.06 and he wasnt showing any ill effects from the extra ballast he had been carrying, we only found it when skinning him.

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    Interesting to see them close to mid Sussex on the map. Does anyone know where they are in relation to towns and villages there???

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    Without being too facetious I assume that those that wrote the shooting guide have never ever heard that 10 gram bullets (160 grain nominal but 154 grain actual weight) are available in 6.5mm calibre? And have been for at least one hundred years now?

    I would suggest that maybe an "addendum" to the shooting guide is issued in the form of an asterisk to such as

    * "Or in 6.5mm (.264") calibre a bullet of at least 10 grams (154 grains)".

    Whilst I accept that a line has to be drawn somewhere I doubt that there is a boar on earth that can tell the difference between a .277" diameter 150grain bullet and a .264" diameter bullet OF APPROPRIATE NOMINAL SUGGESTED 10 GRAMS WEIGHT.

    Otherwise we risk being laughed at by those in Germany and Austria being told that what they might use there is considered not suitable here by seven thousandths of an inch. Where the nominal 160 grain bullet in 6.5mm size (Hornady offer TWO diameters of it) is popular for this sort of thing.

    6.5mm (.264") is legally acceptable in Europe for boar and has long traditional use for such - 6.5m x 54MS - I hope that this can be taken on board and what is thought suitable in Euripe for boar also considered by this Guidance suitable for UK for boar!

    There is of course no risk that users of either 6mm or .257" calibres can then seek to have themselves included as I am aware of neither loaded ammunition nor bullets for handloading in either 6mm or .257" that approaches this 10 gram or 150 grain minimum weight.
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