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Thread: Simonov SKS

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    Simonov SKS

    I have been looking for something different for a while now and came across an SKS in 7,62x39.
    I was wondering if the 7,62x39 is an adequate round for boar...

    problem is getting soft points. all I could access would be sst, FMJ or hollow points

    I read some american forums on the subject and they use that round for anything...

    you guys think its adequate as a round for a Monteria for example?

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    I have one, fun for plinking. I'm sure it will kill a boar, so will a baseball bat. Marginal at best. I would think there are much better calibers for the job at hand. .308 and north of that would be better, especially if doing a driven hunt. I have noticed with mine that when using brass cases, I will get full automatic fire in the form of two or three rounds going all at once. It is so fast that it sounds like one loud bang. Mine was made in Russia in the 50s. When using steel and bimetal cases, never have a problem. Mine will put all ten rounds inside a 7" circle at 200 yards from the bench. Loads of fun and the ammo is still cheap.

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    It is about like a mildly loaded .30-30 Win, with 123-gr bullets.

    With the Winchester or Remington softpoints, it is very effective on deer, but it is a close range (100 yards or so ) cartridge.

    Back when the Russian SKS cost $100, and later the Norinco cost $100, there were millions sold in the USA, and many used for deer hunting. But when someone could afford a Marlin .30-30 or a bolt action .308 Win, they went to that.

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    Even though it's legal to own and shoot a centrefire self-loading rifle in many European countries those EU countries where it is still legal have a mandatory two round plus one in the chamber restriction on such things for some wildlife. And this can't be complied with merely by loading two plus "one up" it has to be modified so that it can't be unrestricted "easily" in the field. This may make the SKS impractical.

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    It seems as if the EU got that retarded idea from the U.S. state of California. Bullet buttons and all kinds of silly things...Good place to visit, but that's about it.
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    I have a minty Russian and two Yugoslavian (M-59?) models with the grenade launchers. They shoot well. I have owned about 6 of the Chi-com's. The European models are far more accurate with like ammo. If I was restricted to 1+2 I wouldn't bother with an SKS if I was set on the X39 cartridge. I'd get a CZ bolt carbine like the one I have. Superb bit of machinery. We are lucky here in that we have almost countless varieties of 7.62x39. I recently saw some Tula Ammo (Russia) steel case, non-corrosive, 150 grain SP ammo for $6/20. I'm guessing that would stop a hog. I load Hornady 123 grain Interlocks at 2450 fps. Tomorrow afternoon I will go after whitetail deer with it. Great little round.~Muir

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    Plenty of sks here, people use them for goats and pigs, getting a accurate one is another thing, more spray and display, PPU make soft point ammo.

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    Thanks guys, i had previouly looked at a hk 940 but it got sold before i could decide. Then this came up. I can see how our 3 load limit can be a pain. It has a 5 load magazine... i already have that problemwith my brno as i can load 5 + 1in it though i cant legally do that.
    With the sks using stripper clips should help for quick loading. But again i cant legally hunt with a rifle capable of loading more than 3....
    Still, i willlook at it again before deciding. My main thing is proper ammo for boar. Tula hollow point s are the best i can get.

    I had to look up what a bullet button was... what an idiotic idea that is!!! Though the sks circumvents that with the use of stripper clips

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    Actually my biggest concern is the unelected idiots in brussels banning the Damned things after i buy it. That would truly suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ileso View Post
    Actually my biggest concern is the unelected idiots in brussels banning the Damned things after i buy it. That would truly suck

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    I have all kinds of access to all kinds of rifles/handguns, etc and frankly, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy an SKS these days unless it was really inexpensive and I didn't care if I lost it. Around here they were popular as "truck guns" for that reason. If it fell into the river, of got used as a jack handle, no great loss.~Muir

    PS: One of the nicest SKS i've ever shot was a Yugoslavian 59 that had the grenade sights removed and the bayonet and lug removed. It was a like-new rifle when the alterations were made. With Russian Tula ammo it would put all the rounds into 3" at 100 yards with open sights. I wish i'd bought that one when I had the chance....
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