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Thread: Case prep

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    Case prep

    What polishing compounds do people use mixed in with their tumbling/cleaning media.

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    I don't use anything but others use jewellers rouge

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    As a stalker I gave that process up as its makes no difference to the end state. When I was loading for target rounds, I used Brasso on every round by hand, looked fantastic once complete.

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    I find a few blobs of t-cut puts a nice finish on the cases.

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    But still made no difference

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    Am I correct in saying that ammonia isn't good for the brass ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    Am I correct in saying that ammonia isn't good for the brass ?
    The autosol products don't contain ammonia...brasso and the duraglit magic wadding polishes do, as far as I remember.


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    None, the corn cob cleans the cases bright like new

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