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    Chaps - anyone know/got any info on Rodp.

    He's gone dark on PM and I was wondering whether there was anything underlying this. There seem to be a few people waiting on him - so hoping nothing bad has happened.

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    He is on the Night Vision Forum on a nearly daily basis.
    It would be nice if he logged back on here to tie up a few outstanding loose ends.
    I did PM him via NVF and he said he would get things sorted that was on the 8th November........................

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    Ill send him a text for you mate , rod is a sound fella , hes probably just flat out busy at work.

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    just a quick update guys.

    rod is ok , but he has had a disastrous few weeks , normal service will be resumed asap.

    if i can help anyone on his behalf , just drop me a pm.

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