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Thread: Novice. Please advise!

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    Novice. Please advise!

    Hello from Bath.
    Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on whether the BASC DSC1 is a good move? I have signed up for October in Somerton but have since read a few less than flattering reviews. I wonder if the course book/paperwork that is sent out in advance will cover all of the questions asked in the multiple choice exam? It's been MANY a year since facing an exam! I've ordered Graham Downing's book. Do you think that would cover all?? Thanks in advance, any info would be gratefully received

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    DSC Level 1 is a move every new stalker should consider, & take up!, but it is not a legal requirement for any other purpose other than to advance your own knowledge of your chosen sport........... it's not a big deal if you are genuinely interested in stalking deer, the first thing to do is relax & read the course work notes, yes, these are all you should need to pass your level 1 cert, but why not get a couple of stalks in with someone of good repute also?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Thoroughly agree. The local BDS course was excellent and a great opportunity to ask a lot of questions to some experienced stalkers.

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    I did my dcs1 with the BDS in ringwood. I found the course pretty straight forword, well laid out and presented easily enough to digest all the info. I found the course book covered everything I needed to know. You should have all the exam questions in the back of the course book, which shows they are pretty relaxed about it all. I just worked my way though all the questions prior to the course. I too got Downings book, which is a great read but all the info to pass the tests you should find in the course book. Everyone on my course had loads of queations about exam questions they didn't know the answer to and Chris Howard, who took the course was more than happy to help people with all aspects of the course.*

    I was most worried about the deer recognition pictures, but need not have worried, I think just about everyone got 20/20.*

    All the best, *John.*

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    Hi, is your corse with Tim? near Glastonbury, if so i did my one there, as said you don't need one but for me it was of great use. I had been shooting paper targets for 15 years and am very good at this. The thing woth the corse was i failed the first time on safety!!!!!!! i real eye opener for me and has made me far more aware. i short i shot along a track, the thing was we had driven up and doen this several times and i got too used to the land, luck the shot was all roll play. so for me very worth doing the corse

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