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Thread: Optilock 1" rings and bases (stainless) for Sako 85

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    Optilock 1" rings and bases (stainless) for Sako 85

    As per the title really, I have a Sako 85 on its way and I need some bases and 1" rings. The bases will probably need to be low to suit the scope I have.

    Yes I know they have them in the shops but I am trying not to sell off another child in order to get them.

    Have a rummage and let me know if you have anything - even it's either rings or bases on their own. But they must be stainless.


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    In case you change your mind about them being stainless....i have a pair of blued Optilock bases I could part with for a very reasonable price. The stainless usually changes to blued somewhere in the mix between action to scope.

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    Firstly, love your pooch. I have a GWP too. Love him to bits. Oh he's useless but then that's my fault.

    Very kind offer indeed and thank you for the response. It's not a fashion parade, but not sure that stainless rifle, blued bases then stainless rings is going to look quite right. Having said that have you a price in mind?

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    Ah when it come to woolly heads, useless is a very relative term.

    If you get stuck and fancy a multi coloured harlequin effect rifle, how does 30 posted sound

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    Very fair, I shall bear that in mind. It would look fine with a set of blued rings too on a black scope of course. It's just that the Scottish weather is particularly unforgiving and I've had things turn orange before I've even got back to the digs to dry them off.

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