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Thread: MPG in your 4x4

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    MPG in your 4x4

    Need some feed back guys,
    I am looking at replacing my Tired D40 Navara for a 2010 or 2012 Toyota Hilux 3.0 invincible auto
    but I am concerned about the genuine fuel consumption,as I would my only every day vehicle.
    what should I really expect to see as my average MPG
    i am told 32mpg but read 24mpg..
    your feed back would be appreciated
    or suggestiions on what 4x4 has a good mpg feed back
    thanks for your input

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    26.8mpg over last three tanks. This is country lane driving I can get 30-32 on a long run if I stick to 70mph

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    I get over 30mpg with my 3lt HL3 auto. By far the best vehicle I've ever owned, fuel costs are but one of the benefits, I've owned it coming up 3 years and it's cost me nothing aside from basic servicing costs, it's also depreciated by just 1k since I've owned it (supposedly). I wouldn't have anything else.
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    Meant to say, choice of tyre will clearly make a big difference on fuel consumption. Mine runs on road tyres currently but will be getting a set of BFG A/T2 fairly soon.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Hello not sure about the invincible but I get 32 from the HL2. Have ha d ford rangers & mitsibushi L200 but now I have had the Toyota I would never go back to either of these

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    I have a 2012 amarok, I was getting 30-32 mpg before i had it chipped. Am now getting an extra 25bhp and doing 38-41 mpg and loving it

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    Have 2012 Hilux hl2 get 34-36 mpg

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    My 4.0 Jeep can get 18 mpg in 'ideal' conditions. Around town I get 13 mpg. I went to North Devon on holiday this year. There was a long hill (5 miles), the best I got was 6 mpg according to the onboard computer. I floored it on a slip road once, 4 mpg �� but it didn't half shift! ��

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    3.6 TDV8 RR Sport. 26 average, 29 on a long run.
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    Old 54 plate L200, high twenties - never more than thirty. 16 plate 2.2 Ranger 19.7 mostly but had it to the dizzy mpg of 23.7 very dissapointed with the Ranger. My old 58 plate one wax returning 30 doing the exact same job. Newer is not always better

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