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    My name is Louis and I'm a Dutch vet (small and large animals) living and working in Devon. I'm 28 years old and new to deer stalking. Soon a Heym .308 will join my FAC air rifles and shotgun. That will be my first rifle, to learn the art of deer stalking. I have sat on high seats a few times in Germany, next to my "hunting mentor" who shot a few deer and wild boars. Those nights were extremely cool in both senses.

    I've joined this forum to learn and exchange experiences. Perhaps I'll be able to contribute a little bit with my vet knowledge. By the way I also enjoy butchering (perfecting my technique, cleanliness and speed) and tanning (deer and foxes). Any fresh foxes available in Devon (Okehampton area), please let me know :-)

    Thanks, Louis.

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    Welcome to the site Louis. I hope to tan my first Fox this winter if I get a good one so may well ask you for some advice!

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    I'd be happy to give you some advice!

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    Hi louis

    welcome to the SD


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome, i drove through Sampford Courtenay on my way to my stalking last Friday, if there had been a fox i would have shot it for you.



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