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Thread: Swanndri Explorer Smock

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    Swanndri Explorer Smock

    Does anyone have one of the above smocks in size medium that's redundant and taking up space on the coat rack? Fancied one when I first saw them at Bushwear but never bought one and now out of stock.
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    Still looking and hoping

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    Try contacting Denewear next week.

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    Many thanks. Sounds intriguing. Will give him a call when he's back off his holidays

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    Had a chat with Denewear and the jacket they're on about isn't the same as the Explorer Smock from Bushwear. Spoke to Swanndri in NZ too and they have none as all finished items were shipped direct to Bushwear (who have no plans to commission any more!!)
    Still looking and hoping someone has one that's sat idle and looking for a new home

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