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    Garmin Astro

    Hi all
    I noticed from another post one of the members was using the Asrto 220 in Sweden. Are there any members in the UK that use one. What I am wanting to know is can you use the system just on the radio frequency without GPS. Also what mapping would come on one of these units.
    Thanks in advance Phil.

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    Hi Phil1966

    I have been looking at these, again waiting to see if anyone else is using in the uk, but its all quiet, if you look at some of the USA sites they are up on them, but they have been reporting some tech probs burning out receivers when transmiting on thier radios, our swedish friends have not had this problem, as for the Uk usage, I personly do not think that Garmin will produce a 220 for the uk market with legal uk frequencys as there will not be a big market for them, maybe some of the european sets will be legal in the UK. but it looks like a good system and a lot cheeper than the tinyloc R2 GPS system. let me know if you get one.


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    The problem that the Americans have with there garmins is they use them near there high powered radios that use the same radio frequency as the Astro. I see 20 watts mentioned. This burns the Astro out.
    Our hunting radio are much lower powered so no problem useing them with the Astro.
    You should be able to get a UK map to use in the Astro.
    My Astro had the basic Swedish map in it but i bought a map of the southern quarter of Sweden. Garmin do maps down to 25x25 km area's of Sweden I'm sure they must do the same for the uk.

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