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Thread: RTA course run by the police,

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    RTA course run by the police,

    Even though I am part of my constabularies call out team all that are volunteers have had to undergo police training course which is mandatory if we wish to remain in the police scheme.
    the course was a full day with a two part test at the end and those that did not mark the pass rate where no longer part of the scheme.
    Hampshire are the first to do this with thames Valley next with dates being set.
    The course was put together by the police,deer initiative and the BDS,
    There are several organisations running RTA course at the moment and they are good but have always lacked a police input, this new course prepares you much better for what you may incounter in the worst case scenarios, dealing with animals on quite country lanes to major A and M ways.
    well done to all that put this together.
    This course is the best one I have attended and best of all it was free of charge, I believe TV are paying expenses to get to there's when they are run.

    good luck to all those taking it

    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    couldnt make this first one, hopefully be on the next. Good to hear it was an intersting course.
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