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Thread: Sako trgs m995 308

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    Sako trgs m995 308

    Hi, does anyone have anyone have any experience of this rifle?
    Could you share your thoughts?
    Last but not least anybody know where one is looking for a new owner i.e-me

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    I own one in 7mm Rem Mag. Great rifle if a bit over gunned. A 308 would be much more flexible.

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    I've got one in 25-06. Very solid and accurate rifle. Not that common but they do turn up every once in a while.

    You won't be disappointed -

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotsgun View Post
    I own one in 7mm Rem Mag. Great rifle if a bit over gunned. A 308 would be much more flexible.
    It is a nice, solid rifle. As for over-gunned, the 7mm RM is can be a very flexible cartridge, like the .30-06 and .300 H&H. Most owners are thinking about heavier bullets and or high velocities, but it can be loaded mildly, like a 7x57 Mauser. Starting loads of RL-15, IMR-4895 and H-4895 with a Speer 130-gr bullet at 2,750 to 2,800 fps makes a nice deer load.

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    I have one in .300 Win mag,she has rolled a few stags too.Solid robust and a great action,the same action as the TRG sniper rifles.
    They come up fairly regularly here for around $1300-$1500 AUD.
    I would have no hesitation in buying another.
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    It amazes me as to how many Aussies are lurking on this forum as members of the Secret Squirrel Society.

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    Nice action, will last, normally see them in long action cals though. Is this a rebarrelled gun?

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    Thanks for all the info. Yes i am sure they do a 308 and just need to find one so if anybody sees or hears of one can they please let me know.
    Anyone with any more info on these rifles please post. Thanks.

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    They do a 308 it's the long action with spacers in the mag, only ever seen one mines a 7x64

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