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Thread: RCBS, Redding, Lee reloading kit

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    RCBS, Redding, Lee reloading kit

    I have my complete kit up for sale - all prices include postage. All items in very good to excellent condition.

    This is the perfect set up for someone starting, and is all good quality kit. I can do the lot for
    260 posted and will throw in my tub of imperial sizing wax and Lee case trimmers for .308 and .243. I'll hold out for a couple of days for anyone interested in the full kit. Otherwise individual prices below.

    Please pm me if interested.

    RCBS Special 5 Press, including Redding shell holder for .243/.308/.260 etc. - 100 posted

    RCBS 505 scales - 60 posted

    RCBS Trickler - as new - 15 posted

    Redding Full Length die set for .243 win - as new - 40 posted

    Lee Perfect Powder Measure - 20 posted

    RCBS / Quinetics Kinetic Hammer - 14 posted

    Lee Auto Prime (new model) - as new - 20 posted

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    I would have the kenetic hammer
    and the powder measure if you do let it go separately
    many thanks sam

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    Hi, does the Lee autoprime include any auto prime shell holders?

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