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Thread: Federal classic (power shock)

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    Federal classic (power shock)

    Been searching high and low to find anyone that has got any Federal Classics in .270 130g and .243 100g in stock, phoned all local shops around West Yorkshire area and decided to try Paul Lane Rifle Club in Mirfield, i can now say i am fully stocked up. Paul Lane Rifle Club also looks a good set up, i may well join in the near future,handy to know you can go and get some ammo after work as they open 7-10pm.

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    Good to know. I have had good success with them (the 130gr .270 classics), and the fusion 150gr. I'll be searching for some if the reloading doesn't yield the results that I hope for - I'll bear the Paul lane club in mind, albeit about an hours drive!

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    Alex Dalgleish Eaglesham 01355303595 he's got that many he's selling them .

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