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Thread: Remmy 700 short action for custom project .222/.223

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    Remmy 700 short action for custom project .222/.223

    Hi folks, I have for sale a remmy 700 in .222, it's a Deluxe version so has scroll engraving on the action. I bought it to build a custom rifle with but have just finished a sako custom rifle that is in need of a scope. Hence this one is for sale. my intention when I bought it was to rebarrel it immediately in .223 but after having a look at it, I decided to try cleaning it up first. I had it re-crowned and re-threaded (m14x1) and it shoots amazingly well. I acquired some old Norma factory ammo that I wanted to just rattle through for the brass but it actually shoots clover leaf groups. I think it'd be a real shooter with home loads.

    One of of the things that I did put on the rifle was a Bell and Carlson stock. This is a good stock in good condition, it is meant for a varmint contour barrel though, so there's quite a gap around the current barrel. I have the original wooden stock which can be supplied if the bell and carlson stock is not required.

    I'm looking for 350 for the rifle with original stock, 200 for the Bell and Carlson stock or 500 for all of it. All plus postage/rfd costs. Photographs available on request.

    Edited to add, the rifle has a weaver rail on it and a Nikko Sterling 4-16x50 scope on it. The scope isn't a brilliant scope but it hasn't ever let me down, never lost zero and I'll leave it on the rifle if I'm offered the price I've listed at.
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    This can come with a new cut rifled GB barrel on it for 1400 plus proofing. You can choose the calibre (as long as it matches the bolt face) the twist rate, the length and the profile. I can organise other custom parts- triggers, boltwork, painting, blue printing etc. at additional cost.
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