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Thread: Do you blokes tape up your barrels.

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    Do you blokes tape up your barrels.

    It is common practice among the deer hunters in Victoria that are hunting deer in heavily forested areas with lots of undergrowth to tape up the muzzle end of their rifle barrels so as to exclude the sticks/foliage etc from entering the barrel. A disaster awaits if a stick is forced into the open muzzle and taping generally alleviates the possibility.
    I suppose an added attraction is that rain or dew on foliage doesn't run down the guts of the barrel as well.
    One layer of electrical tape over the opening then a few laps around the barrel end to hold it there. I usually do three or four laps so as to have some spare at hand if a shot is taken.

    And NO it will not affect accuracy!
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    Yes, always do it, & even on the very few occasions when I use a moderator there's a piece of tape on the end. Crawling under a fallen tree I had a twig pushed into the end of the moderator & then snap off (which was fun to get out).

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    On a slightly larger scale, when I went punt gunning we use to put cling film over the muzzle to keep the saltwater out of the barrel and draining back to the cartridge.
    It didn't seem to have any effect on the pound and a half load when we took a shot

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    Yes. There are a few old rifles about with short barrels here because someone got mud in the end, and then fired the rifle and ringed the end of the bore.

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    I used to do this all the time really just to keep the rain out. If you think about it, as the bullet travels down the barrel, it's like a piston pushing the air out. The tape is long gone before the bullet reaches the muzzle. I had a Steyr Scout that came with nice rubber push fit muzzle caps. To my shame I have to confess that I forgot to take it off when I set out one morning. Made no difference to the Doe I shot. It just blew the cap off the end of the rifle.

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    Yep, do it all the time as you describe.
    My think my friend was a bit skeptical until he came with me to Montana, and he noticed everybody had their muzzle taped.
    It convinced him after he shot a mule deer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris J View Post
    snip... It just blew the cap off the end of the rifle.
    Did you ever find it?

    I carry my rifle muzzle down so put a bit of insulting tape across the muzzle. A target patch size would do. I don't wrap the end at all but then the moderator has a nice flat recessed end so the tape is protected.

    I was initially surprised that the tape did not have any effect on accuracy...especially given the effect a plug of mud can have on the barrel...still don't know why one is puffed clear and the other isn't...presumably most of the mud is pushed out but leaves enough bits around the edges to jam the bullet?

    The owner of a shoot I beat on bulged his 12 bore Holland and Holland barrels ten days ago. He was seen rodding the gun but evidently not enough...the next shot ruined it.


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    Remember using small party balloons many years ago to stop rubbish getting into the muzzle, no need to worry about removal before a shot.
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    I don't. Moderator stops any water getting into barrel. I never carry muzzle up. Not bothered about sticks in muzzle - I would have to be very careless to let that happen, as I always carry rifle in hands, no sling.

    Condensation in moderator gives a huge cloud of steam for shots on a cold morning though! A bit like a black powder rifle..

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