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Thread: Norma .243 brass

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    Norma .243 brass

    100 X twice fired brass, all in great condition. Approx half are FL resized and ready to prime.

    25 posted.

    Please pm if interested.

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    I pm this chap with the below message, just becuse it's unusual for reloaders to sell twice fired Norma brass without a valid reason longer have the calibre ...and this was his reply ??? Well i guess that answered my question didn't it! Typical Deer Stalker ????

    Merry Christmas to you also Tim

    Norma .243 brass.
    Quote Originally Posted by HeavySako
    If they are truly twice fired I will take them for 15.


    Thanks but no thanks. Not because of your offer, but because of your tone. Typical deer stalker!
    Happy Christmas


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    Yes, maybe I did get a little irked over HeavySako's private message, because he came across as rude. Just because we are on the internet, manners don't have to go out the window.

    These are twice fired. I am selling them because I have packed in reloading and have gone back to using factory ammo. There.

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    i'll take them prety please ever so nicely xxx.let me know payement deets .bargain

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