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Thread: HORNADY L-N-L Concentricity Gauge

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    HORNADY L-N-L Concentricity Gauge


    FOR SALE .
    used once or twice boxed as new USED S/H I Paid 145
    Make bullet runout a thing of the past with the new Hornady Ammunition Concentricity Tool.
    Hornady never ceases to find ways to provide unmatched accuracy in every facet of the shooting experience. The new Ammunition Concentricity Tool is the first tool on the market to both identify and eliminate bullet runout. Just place ammunition in the tool, roll it, identify runout, and use the dial indicator to adjust runout to zero! It can be used to true-up factory ammunition,

    I Would like 100 +pp
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    Looking for a Hornady OAL gauage if you have one?


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    Hi Paul

    Nice piece of kit, just looking for the OAL gauge

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    one of the other guys was selling one mty no sure if it still for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by GGeorgiou View Post
    Hi Paul

    Nice piece of kit, just looking for the OAL gauge

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