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Thread: Some fun with the lever gun......357

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    Some fun with the lever gun......357

    5 shots, original Henry Buckhorn Sights, unsupported shooting.... it has taken a while to get used to these sights, however I would like to get a quality dioptre rear sight with easy adjustments, Skinner sights don't have the easy adjustments.....this would come in handy as I shoot this gun at different distances.

    Henry Big Boy .357

    It is a real shame there is not more choice of rear sight options for this very fine firearm.

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    It is not a long range rifle. As you shoot it enough you will become accustomed to the sight picture and where the bullet strikes at different ranges, and begin to hold over, dead on, and a bit under without even thinking about it.

    The next step is you will play with drawing a "fine bead", with the front sight down a bit in the notch, and a "coarse bead", with it sitting up out of the notch for long range. This is how Pennsylvania rifles were aimed, along with varying the charge of blackpowder, using fixed sights to hit targets at 300 and 400 yards - not that you will be doing that.

    If you want a simple addition to your buckhorn sight that is easy to install, buy a Marbles or Lyman tang peep sight. It screws onto the top tang of the action and folds down out of the way. You can adust it for windage and elevation, and change the disks. Not only very effective, but very authentic on a lever action.

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