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Thread: Sako vixen .222

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    Sako vixen .222

    Morning gents , the butt pad on my saki vixen has had it just wondering if a new pad would fit ? Also I'm looking for some decent rings and bases that would fit ? Any ideas ?
    Many thanks , Jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    I'd think that you'd be best off buying a generic pad and grinding it to fit your stock.

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    German/Turkish MAK mounts from euro trade optics (oversea,s)

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    Thanks gents I'll look into it
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    ive got a set of 25mm sako rings and bases that come of my vixen years ago if that helps in great condition dave.

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    thanks dave but i have sako rings and bases on my rifle.


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