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Thread: What do you think?

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    What do you think?

    Hi Guys

    Newbie here, I am just awaiting the issue of my FAC for a 308 and wanted to ask if anyone has a Browning A Bolt Composite Stalker with boss system. I have the opportunity to buy one which is like new and has only had 60 rounds through it and is only 340 quid. I have attached pictures and would appreciate an honest opinion on my selection of rifle. I plan to put a ZEISS CONQUEST RIFLE SCOPE 3-9x40 Z PLEX MATTE on it.


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    I wouldn't particularly like to own this rifle.

    But luckily, it doesn't matter one whit what anyone other than yourself thinks about it! It's what you were looking for and even here in the US that would be a really good price. I say go for it. ~Muir

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    No experience personally of the Boss system but the rifle seems a good buy. The magazine system is a little quirky but they work. I like composite/ s/s rifles easy to clean and keep rustfree especially in inclement weather. Calibre will do all in the UK and a shed load elsewhere.

    Good luck with your choice

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    Most Brownings are good rifles. The A-bolt has an excellent reputation. The purpose of the Boss system is tuning the barrel for the ammo you use and not the other way around.
    At the same time it's a muzzlebrake. A friend has it on a 300 Win Mag and it works fine.
    You can always take it off and use the rifle without the boss system.
    If the rifle is OK , lilke the photos seem to show , I would go for it. Excellent , accurate and light rifle.

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    SS1968:- certainly looks a nice tidy bit of kit, at that price if you don't like it you won't have much trouble moving it on, look even nicer with DM80 on it ( got to say that 'cos I've got one ! ) ATB callie

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    I used to have a winchester featherweight .22-250 with a boss.
    Sweet shooting rifle but my mates hated it ! I was Very Very loud !

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    Thanks guys your comments are very welcome

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    I had one a while back. I was very surprised to learn when removing it from the stock that they are actually bedded in the factory. It's not up to a professional job but still reassuring and better than that offered by the competitions, in the same price bracket.

    The boss system really does work. It's amazing watching the groups grow or shrink depending upon the ammo and you use and how you alter it. However my recommendation would be to chop off the boss and fit a moderator - you can easily get the same tight groups by working up a load or experimenting with factory ammo. The boss really is loud!

    You won't loose money at that price. From memory i got good results from 150gr Winchester factory ammo which was actually one of the cheapest so a win, win situation.

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    Thanks scotsgun , I thought it was a good deal for the price and I was thinking of loosiing the boss for a moderator

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