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Thread: Flyingfisherman Pre-Dsc2 carcass inspection & gralloching course ,a hit!

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    Flyingfisherman Pre-Dsc2 carcass inspection & gralloching course ,a hit!

    Attended a Pre Dsc2 course today at Fountains Abbey deer park Ripon , North Yorkshire today and to sum it up in one word - superb

    It was run by ( Flyingfisherman ) on this site , who is a sound chap by the way , and is a well run , informative ,hands on day which will add to your own experience ,or gain you some in a relaxed environment helping you on your way to getting Dsc2.

    The setting was stunning and made the course even more enjoyable as you could watch ,sex and ID live deer on the day.

    There was only three on the course so it felt quite personal and we all got to green gralloch our own deer in as near to lifelike field situation .
    As this was going on we were asked questions which you may be asked by an AW on a stalk , starting with shot placement ,reaction,follow up , carcass inspection etc
    After lunch we then went to the larder to complete a full gralloch and talk about extraction / larders and hygiene.

    All in all a brilliant day at a great price which would benefit a lot of us including me .

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    I and two others did the Pre-DSC2 Gralloch Course with Ben Dorrington on 28th November .
    A fabulous day, very highly recommended. I was able to perform a supervised gralloch of one beast (Sika), and watch the gralloch of two other beasts (Reds).
    We did a green gralloch in the field, and completed the gralloch in the larder. In the filed we did both on the ground and suspended grallochs. Ben explained issues, asked question about the process, and led us through the process in a very professional manner.

    Be continually referred back to the assessment requirements, asking questions, making points, providing explanations. An excellent format, very well delivered.

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    Hey up gents, only just seen this thread. It was a pleasure to have you on the course and glad that you found it useful. More to be run this year. I've stuck an advert up but once again, thanks for the feedback.



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    As previous posts I attended this on Monday 27th this year and found it incredibly useful and great experience being able to gralloch in field conditions and follow that up with the larder work.

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    Anything like this being run further south anyone know? Sounds invaluable.

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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to ad to this post. I did this pre level 2 course with Ben on monday this week and it was absolutely fantastic. Really good hands on experience with the gralloch and inspection of reds and fallow, which i was seriously lacking. I benefitted greatly from this course and the instruction was really good. We performed gralloch in both the field & larder and were guided through the whole inspection process, preparation for the game dealer, storage and tagging. There were just 3 of us on the course and we had 9 deer to get hands on with.
    A massive thanks to Ben and Steve for a really good day.

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