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Thread: zero **** with magnification change Meopta Meostar R2 2.5-15 X 56

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    zero **** with magnification change Meopta Meostar R2 2.5-15 X 56

    Good morning All,

    After re zeroing my 6.5 x 55 on Saturday on 15 x mag I shot a thumb nail group at 100 yards chuffed with the new Winchester 140 grain soft points group I thought I would practice before I head down to Henley on Thames with my good friend Mark on the Fallow and Muntjac next weekend. I then changed the magnification to 6 x mag and the zero had shifted alarmingly. I have now zeroed at 100 yards on 6 x mag and left it after shooting the same thumbnail group. Now to me the whole idea of having a variable mag scope was one to use in a variety of different situation low mag woodland and hi mag across the valley. Is this anything to worry about or is it normal any help would be great. Musty also say as the light dropped at the range the Meopta drank every bit of possible light and amazed a couple of guys at the range.


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    Doesn't sound right at all. When the zero shifted after mag change - did you shoot another group, which was OK (other than in the wrong place?). Hot to cold barrel?
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    Not normal, something isn't right with the scope....
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    Send it back and get it fixed.

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    Very likely to be that you changed your head position on the stock. Faulty scope will lead to very erratic groups - you wouldn't be getting thumb nails at any magnification.

    How far apart were the two groups?

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    What scope are you using?

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    Second focal plane scopes all have a shift. Some are almost zero but if you dig a bit deeper how much the manufacturer allows as being normal you might be shocked. Wonder why snipers use first focal plane.???

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    Set up a rigid rig aimed at a fixed point far away. Would not be unusual to see aim point wander as the mag is changed or the parallax changed, especially with the adjustable objective ones

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    Group at 15 x Mag one inch high at 100 yards. Shot low and low by 4 inch at 6 X mag. I feel it could be parallax error I was very consistent with the mounting of the rifle, due to my Carbon Fibre A-Tec moderator I have to let it cool between shots the barrel was clean and all screws tight and torqued correctly.

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    That is why your scope needs to be optically centered and your zero set using adjustable mounts.

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