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Thread: I've lost the thread !

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    I've lost the thread !

    It's always happening, but this time I haven't been able to pick it up again !

    Specifically, it's the 'exploding rifles in Yorkshire' saga. I can't remember the title exactly (something like 'What's happened here ?'), but no matter what key-word I try in the search function, I can't get back to it. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

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    Wasn't a blaser was it?

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    might have been removed in case of legal stuff?ps i,ve lost the plot so it could be with it!!.pps someone i know lost two stone,but they didn,t go looking for it,i have sneaking suspicion its either mi6 or cia/or interpol/or mossad/or maybe just weightwatchers.
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    Hi, I read it in the last couple of days and then an update said the same incident happened again. I have just scoured the posts and it looks like it might have been removed. Perhaps Admin could indicate if its gone? No need to know why.

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    I would be keen to know the reason, as would many others no doubt. There was something very strange happening there.

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    i have been wondering why this has gone

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    Sometimes it pays not to know,it might have been a figment of your imagination,or you could have dreamt it,in an alternate universe i used to be a werewolf!!!but i,m all right nowwwwww!!, i wouldn,t lose any sleep over it there will be another along in a few minutes,

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    Very true, what you don't know shouldn't hurt you. Still, the post referred to dangerous factory ammo....

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    allegedly.we dont know any facts ,only what we have read so its all up in the air,

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