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Thread: Let's give the Insurance Industry an enema

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    Let's give the Insurance Industry an enema

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    When I click on the link there isn't actually any petition to read before signing.


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    useless link!

    Initiate a Parliamentary enquiry into the UK Insurance Industry

    The UK Insurance Industry currently operates under policies and practices which are in direct contrast to the interests of its customers.
    The practice of involving multiple entities in any single claim or transaction creates unnecessary and often huge costs which are passed on to the policy holders or their insurer. Cases are often settled to avoid these costs inspite of no fault situations.
    This is perpetuating insurance fraud and a litigious culture

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    Signed(: Initiate a Parliamentary Inquiry into UK Insurance industry).

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    One more and it's live!

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    its being "checked" then I can distribute with a proper link!
    Thanks those who signed

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